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Subhash Thakur, Founder/CEO of iQ Tech, iQ TechSubhash Thakur, Founder/CEO of iQ Tech
The covid-19 pandemic has drastically altered consumer behaviors, and people are now prioritizing customer experience and safety over the quality of products and services. An efficient queue or modern terms customer flow management solution could help customerfacing environments to adapt to the new normal. Such a turnkey solution can also generate higher conversion rates and help retail businesses gain valuable insights regarding customer flows, quality of services, SLA, KPIs, and the peak time of business. Among the plethora of queue management system providers, one that stands out as a pioneer of the technology and provider of turn-key solutions to all of today’s challenges is QMatic. The Sweden-based firm helps businesses enhance their customer experience, streamline the customer journey and execute simplified queue management systems. To evolve its business in Thailand, QMatic partnered with iQ Tech, a Thailand-based company, in 1995. Since then, iQ Tech has evolved its business and technology in the country’s market with QMatic’s global innovation products, enhanced and modified them with its own development team to cater to local needs and culture. The company employs QMatic’s Orchestra-7, a 4th generation enterprise-level customer flow management solution from Qmatic, as core CFM/CEM technology in its turn-key solutions.

iQ Tech’s founder & CEO, Mr. Subhash Thakur, considers the early years of his career at Qmatic as a great fortune that has significantly influenced how iQ Tech operates. Having worked in the customer service and retail industry for over a decade, Thaweechok Wimonthammawat (Bobby), CTO of iQ Tech, and Subhash, comprehensively understood and learned the intricacies of efficient staff and customer management. The company always treats every customer as a business partner rather than merely a client. iQ Tech takes complete responsibility towards its solution, right from maintaining it with the highest uptime with SLA in the range of high 90s and providing the best ROI with cost-saving and increased business revenue. It also offers its recent addition of OPCT (On-Premise Care Team) to prevent users from worrying about solution complexity & reducing the amount of time needed to learn and manage highly intricate solutions that might be counterproductive for customers. By consulting with former healthcare professionals, who are now part of the company as product consultants, iQ Tech’s teams designed a holistic patient management solution that digitalizes overall hospital operations.

iQ Tech’s platform is the first Turn-Key Solution in Thailand’s health sector that uses a single patient reference number, making it easier for different hospital departments to track patients’ treatment. Elaborating on this, Bobby adds, “It is a challenge to onboard hospital staff on a single platform since their departments have different processes. Our solution mitigates this challenge and streamlines the operational workflows of different departments.” By calculating KPIs, the solution generates holistic scores that indicate how well a particular department’s process can be digitalized using the platform. Using these scores, iQ Tech enables its clients to optimize their operations and reduce their complexities. The company designs solutions to simplify the work process for four prime members. Considering that the final beneficiary of the healthcare sector is patients, they are the most essential member; and iQ Tech ensures that the platform is user-friendly and easy for them to navigate. Citing the importance of front-line workers and staff, the solutions are designed so that hospital staff can efficiently utilize them. The third important member is the customer management team, responsible for assisting the front-line workers. To support them, iQ Tech’s solution consists of a dashboard where managers can oversee the operations of different departments and address the staff’s issues.
Its On-Premises Care Teams (OPCT) implement these innovative features and support the clients throughout and even after implementation, acting as the fourth member of this team, supporting hospitals’ IT department efficiently with SLAs by taking away the responsibility of specialized tasks from them.

iQ Tech’s OPCT consists of three sub-units—Dedicated Resident Support Engineers (DRSE), Dedicated Data Analysts (DDA), Dedicated Solution Roadmap Consultants (DSRC). “Depending upon the size and scope of the project, we allocate some or all units of components of OPCT to it and ensure that the solution is successfully implemented to yield maximum benefit and ROI,” adds Subhash. iQ Tech offers OPCT as part of the project without extra cost to customers during the first year of the partnership. The company often reinvests parts of the initial profits into the client relationships in terms of OPCT to guarantee implementation success with maximum ROI for the customers.

At IQ Tech, we believe that true partnership goes beyond any short-term gains or profitability. We don’t merely have suppliers, but we have solution partners, and at the same time, we don’t have just customers, we have business partners

Subhash and Bobby also underscored that due to the recent exponential advancement in the internet, communication, mobile networks, IT solutions, and interlinking technologies, the world had crossed the threshold where solution complexity and possibility has reached unprecedented levels that require training, retraining, solution management, and learning on the customer side. New responsibilities are introduced on staff to manage and maintain these ultra-complex solutions using different technologies. Consequently, major IT investments and the formation of dedicated departments are needed, which will not be cost-effective for partners (others call customers) and affect their ROI.

This fueled the idea of OPCT in 2017 while iQ Tech was delivering one of its most complex solutions for Thailand’s no. 1 Telco provider AIS. iQ Tech took away all the responsibilities related to its solutions from the client. AIS only needed to use this advanced solution and had the constant support of the OPCT, solving issues before the users even knew. As there is no handing over of systems, AIS could learn the solution at their own pace. After the warranty period, AIS realized how critical was the role of OPCT was to get maximum value from the complex solution and thus made it a regular part of the extended annual support contract called OPCT CARE. With that, AIS enjoys an SLA of 96%+ uptime countrywide for both HW and SW components residing both on site and centrally. On another occasion, iQ Tech went the extra mile to help a hospital that was critically hit by the coronavirus.

The staff of nearly all departments were infected and had to quarantine and undergo treatment. Due to the lack of staff, the client immediately modified the workflows to accommodate the patients scheduled to come the following day. During the night, iQ Tech’s care teams adjusted the workflows, tested the system, and implemented the new processes. Recalling the incident, Mr. Narong Taweelappantong, Sales/Marketing Director of IQ Tech, adds, “We do not stop once we deliver the system. For us, going live is just the starting point of our journey with our customers.” iQ Tech serves some of the biggest companies in Thailand, namely AIS, KTB, IKEA, Bumrungrad Hospital, BDMS group hospitals, CCIT, Maharat Hospital Korat, and Srinakring Hospital KohnKaen etc.. All of them highly appreciate iQ Tech’s proactive approach to implementing the solution and prioritizing clients’ operational needs above their own. iQ Tech aims to continue on the same path and transform the operations of its customers. As part of their latest endeavors, the company is working on privacy concerns about patient and hospital data, where part of the data will be stored on-premises while others will be stored in the cloud secured by proxy servers. As Bobby & Narong conclude, “It is not always about the features our software may have. What is important is how we understand and care for our partners with OPCT, which goes much beyond supporting a customer.”

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iQ Tech

iQ Tech


Subhash Thakur, Founder/CEO of iQ Tech and Thaweechok Wimonthammawat, CTO

iQ Tech provides efficient customer experience management solutions to manage, enhance or improve their customer flow process. The company treats its customers as business partners and truly cares for them by implementing bespoke solutions that efficiently support their work processes. IQ Tech is an exclusive partner of customer service technology pioneer Q-Matic. iQ Tech offers a new business model with its OPCT (On-Premises Care Team), where it takes solution management and operation-related responsibility from the customer’s scope.